Small is beautiful  - tiny homes

Sometimes people want a small but luxurious unit for a holiday home, a better than average holiday rental, guest room and so on.

We have designed a number of options taking into account the latest in Euro design and materials. The illustrations on this page show some of the range, but do not hesitate to contact us if you want something tailor-made to fit your lifestyle.

For the single unit we have used a space-saving drop-down bed but the option of a double unit allowing separate bedroom, en suite etc is easily possible.

This is the  fully fitted SOLO featuring a drop-down 'Murphy' bed that folds  away  during the day to maximise living space. Small and compact,  this unit combines innovative  design with  flexibility. The  illustration show the unit  with the bed   up and the bed down


The 28 m2 Duet comprises the best in tiny homes. Architecturally designed, it  provides a double bedroom with ensuite and a small but  well designed living area. The Duet  is  perfect  as a guest suite, tiny  home, rental or small bach. Competitively  priced at under $40,000

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