The JAZZ and the CLASSIC  represent the best in innovative and exciting design

The Jazz is an affordable yet well specified home that can easily be expanded into the Classic with the addition of an extra living area module. The Jazz is an ideal starter home for a small family and features a full four double bedrooms, fitted kitchen and an upstairs mezzanine providing a quiet space that opens onto a small deck and the upstairs bathroom and a study.

As families grow or more space is required it is simple for us to add another module to the Ground Floor to provide extra living space and also an extension to the balcony opening off the mezzanine.

On the left we see the JAZZ in its compact yet fully functional form and the picture below shows how it looks when converted to the CLASSICAL with the extra living area ad extended balcony above..

These two beautiful home concepts demonstrate the flexibility of modular design and how with the addition of a single module you can add a new dimension as your family grows or as your lifestyle dictates.

Note that we have not shown garaging for the properties as this depends on site configuration. Garaging can easily be added for an additional cost but as a garage is largely an empty space costs for such additions are hardly prohibitive.  Please ask us for more information.

The plans above show the basic configuration of the CLASSIC modular home.  On the left is the lower level with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and extended living/dining with stairs to the upper mezzanine. On the right you can see the upstairs configuration with a door to the deck over the downstairs extension, access to two more bedrooms and the fifth bedroom or study and upstairs bathroom. Any of the modules can be reconfigured to a larger upstairs master bedroom with en-suite if desired. If this option is chosen the house could still demonstrate three double bedrooms and a forth smaller upstairs bedroom.

The JAZZ follows the same design parameters of the classic but without the third module for the living dining area that can be added at a later date if wanted.

As with all of our designs, each property comes with a full set of appliances and the BLUES, JAZZ and CLASSIC also come with a high Kw heat pump.


The full height windows are double glazed and have thermal breaks to ensure warmth in winter.

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